Important Forms:

Scheduled Absence Form In the event that a student will be absent when school is in session, the student's parents must complete a Scheduled Absence Form and submit it to the student's teacher.


Field Trip Permission Slip Parent signed permission slips provided by the school must be in the school office before a student may go on any field trip.


Medication Authorization If at any time during the school day a student needs to take medication, he/she must have a signed medical authorization form on file in the school office.


Asthma Authorization Forms Students with asthma need certification by a physician and authorization by a parent in order to self-administer asthma medication while at school.  


St. Pet's Illiness Policy


St. Pet's Lockdown Procedure


Important Parent Information in the event of a lockdown.



Parent Teacher Communications

Open communication between parents and teachers is encouraged.  Parents who have questions or concerns about assignments, procedures, or discipline in a classroom are asked to discuss this with the classroom teacher via phone or email.