Technology is an important part of our curriculum at St. Petronille.  We believe it provides the tools necessary to help increase our students' critical thinking, as well as, to foster collaboration with other students both inside and beyond the classroom.

Grade 2-4
Beginning in Grade 2, we require our students to take a computer class. Our dedicated technology instructor teachers concepts such as keyboarding, computer and network operations, computer programming, and internet research and safety.  In addition, we give our students hands on experience with key software programs like Powerpoint, Excel, Word and Publisher.  By Grade 4, we are integrating Lego robotics and "computer dissection" into the curriculum. 
Grade 5 

In grade 5, we introduce tablets into the classroom.  These devices are used primarily to complement the in-class teaching and learning of  English, Reading, and Social Studies.  This introductory period allows students to gain a level of familiarity with the devices prior to being issued their own device in Grade 6. 

Grades 6-8
Each student in Grades 6-8 is issued a personal Lenovo tablet on a Microsoft platform to be used both within and outside the classroom at St. Petronille.  The tablets are used primarily for reading subject content (textbooks), note taking, conducting class projects, emailing the teachers.  We believe such a program is critical to prepare our students for the next level of their education.
Support for the tablet program is provided by a full time Director of Technology; who in addition, assists the classroom teachers with technology integration.