School Philosophy

We at St. Petronille School, a ministry of St. Petronille Parish, believe that the primary purpose of our Catholic School is to teach as Jesus Christ taught, taking an active part in the teaching mission of the Church. We seek to educate all who have been entrusted to us. We believe in uniting with the parents as the primary educators, the parish ministries, and the Diocese of Joliet in fostering a community of believers who manifest their faith in service to others. We believe in the goals of teaching and modeling the message of Christ (doctrine), developing community (family), encouraging service (involvement), and promoting worship, as directed in the National Catholic Directory. We believe in the education of the whole child spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, personally, and emotionally, through a planned, sequential, and integrated curriculum. The curriculum aims to accommodate and support the diverse learning styles of all students. We believe in academic excellence based on an individual’s potential. We foster respect for one’s self and others, and taking responsibility for one’s actions while promoting a sense of honesty and fairness. We strive to instill responsibility for good stewardship and service that encompasses home, school, parish, and community on both local and global levels. We at St. Petronille believe in preparing children to live lives rooted in the principles of peace and social justice. These principles are manifested in a reverence for life and a respect for the uniqueness of each individual.




  • Our planned, sequential, and integrated curriculum aims to build on prior learning, to discover student's passions and to develop their individual academic potential.   The curriculum accommodates and supports the diverse learning style of all students.        

  • Faculty and staff strive for excellence and continued development of their own skills, approaches and philosophies.  Utilizing the latest technologies and resources, our relevant curriculum goes beyond literal learning to developing higher-level critical thinking and creative expression.          

  • Our standards-based, sequential, and integrated curriculum aims to:

    • Build on prior learning, encourage and foster students' intellectual curiosity, and develop their individual academic potential.
    •  Accommodate and support the diverse learning styles of all students
    • Utilize the latest technologies and resources, a relevant curriculum goes beyond literal learning, to develop higher-level critical thinking and creative expression.
    • Recognize and respect the diversity of backgrounds and experiences that are fundamental to building a learning community where students learn to think broadly, critically, and independently
    • Implement on-going formative and summative assessments to provide the basis for improved  curriculum design supporting both individualized and group instruction. 



  • A physically and emotionally safe environment provides students, faculty and staff with opportunities to express their ideas and grow intellectually.

  • Students, families, faculty and staff are committed to academic excellence and behavioral standards and understand their responsibilities to the school, the parish and to their local and global communities.

  • Faculty and staff cultivate connections that create meaningful and productive relationships among students, families, alumni, and their communities.

  • Families provide valuable contributions to the school community through their involvement with and support of students, faculty and staff.

  • On-going community service installs appreciation, stewardship, and spiritual enrichment for all students .      


  • Since 1926, St. Petronille Parish School has provided students with a strong foundation in faith, academics, and community service, while preparing them for the ever-changing world.     


  • St. Petronille Parish School alumni continues their connection and contribution to both the school and parish.