One of the unique benefits of attending St. Petronille School is the ability to participate in school athletics as early as 4th grade.  St. Petronille School offers every student from 5th grade through 8th grade the opportunity to learn and enjoy the rewards of sports. The 4th grade is eligible to run Cross Country.  The athletic program is an important adjunct to the academic education provided.

Beyond teamwork and sportsmanship, St. Petronille athletics focuses on the development of the whole child, whether on the field, on the court, or in the classroom.  As such, all students are encouraged and allowed to participate in our sports programs (no cut of players).


St. Petronille's athletic program includes the following teams:

  • Cross Country – Girls and Boys in Grades 4th- 8th
  • Volleyball - Girls and Boys in Grades 5th- 8th
  • Basketball - Girls and Boys in Grades 5th- 8th
  • Track - Girls and Boys in Grades 5th- 8th
  • Cheerleading – Girls in Grades 7th – 8th