Additional Academic Programs and Services 
Our school's curriculum is enhanced with enrichment in world language, art, music, physical education health, and library.
World Language (grades 6-8th):       

The program aims to teach long term Spanish language skills.  Classes meet four times a week and utilize an online text which makes available a number of audio, video and interactive features conducive to learning a foreign language.

Language Stars (grades K-5th)
This program is interactive Spanish instruction that blends fun activities, songs, and games. 


Art (weekly for grades K-8):

Students get to experience different types of media at all grades level.  They are introduced to the history and techniques of various artists and create art in the style of those artists.  Middle school art students also research artists of their choice and have the chance to use the artist's techniques.  All students are offered opportunities to enter school, local and state art contests.  Each year, one student's design is chosen for the cover of our school musical's program.  Finally, every year a student is chosen as the "Art Student of the Year" and one of their pieces is framed and displayed in the school library.
Music (weekly for grades K-8): 
Throughout a student's career at St. Petronille, they have the opportunity to sing, perform, play recorder, and study music theory and music history.  Preparation and participation at our weekly school Mass are a focus at all grade levels.  

Physical Education (twice weekly for grades K-8): 

Students learn how to compete in a variety of games utilizing sportsmanship and Christian values.  Examples of games include tennis, in line skating, basketball, and floor hockey


Health (weekly for grades 6-8)


Library (weekly for grades K-4):

Students visit our school library each week.  The goal of our library program is to encourage reading amongst our students.  A part time librarian and parent volunteers assist students in selecting books that challenge their reading abilities. 

Extended Day Program
St. Petronille Parish School offers school families an Extended Day Program designed to provide each child with a safe and enjoyable environment before or after school. This program is very flexible and can be used on a day-to-day basis, periodically through the week or in emergency situations.
Our general schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings 7:00-8:00 - Indoor Activities in Room 208
  • Tuesday and Thursday Mornings 7:00-8:00 - Indoor Activities in Room 411
  • All Afternoons - 3:15-6:00 - inside and outside activities - Room 208.
  • Quiet study time-computer Lab (1-2 days a week)